Specialty Industry Sectors

  • Healthcare Market Research
  • Market Research for Management Consulting
  • Operating in 21 Countries; Sample in 100+

Industry Sectors

SSI conducts market research within many industries and market sectors, from healthcare to consulting to consumer products and retail. No matter what industry, we can help, because we have:

  • Knowledge experts who can help design research, consult on questionnaires and interpret data
  • Experience running complex tracking studies within a wide range of industries with a specialty focus on the following sectors:
Management Consulting


We also have the largest geographic footprint in our category, offering sample in over 100 countries. You can trust your multi-country study to SSI because we have the:

  • Expertise with offices in 21 countries and the local knowledge required to successfully execute research projects
  • Experience with over 30% of current projects running across multiple countries.

All of our customers share a common goal – they have business objectives that require accurate market research data to empower insights and decisions.