Mobile Market Research Solution

  • Robust Mobile Research Panel
  • Geo-Location and Behavioral Data Collection App
  • Mobile-Smart Survey Programming

Mobile researchers and brands want the power to understand and interact with consumers at the point of experience. SSI offers the industry’s most comprehensive mobile solution that combines access to our robust mobile panel with geo-location and behavioral data collection plus other mobile survey tools. SSI’s mobile data collection gives market researchers in-the-moment insights opinions and observations into an always-on world.

  • Fully vetted, optimized and engaged mobile panel to ensure proper representivity
  • Integration with our global platform and SSI Blend for quality
  • SSI QuickThoughts® 2.0 mobile survey and data collection app with enhanced user interface
  • QuestTest diagnostic tool for scoring and improving SSI and client-hosted mobile surveys
  • Wide array of SSI Mobile-Smart survey templates for SSI or client-hosted surveys
  • NEW SSI Proximity Sample™ enables geo-location capabilities

Trust the experts at SSI to manage the complexities of your next mobile research project.