Net Promoter Score® (NPS)

Powerful insights for your business from SSI and NPS

With NPS you get actionable information to improve your business. With SSI as your NPS partner you get that information quickly, seamlessly and reliably, delivered by SSI’s trusted methodologists and industry-leading service teams.

SSI’s extensive NPS experience across a broad range of consumer and B2B verticals – automotive, FMCG, food and beverage, sports and entertainment, retail technology and more – means we speak your language, delivering rock solid data backed by the largest, most reliable global consumer and B2B panels available.

How NPS helps grow your business

NPS (Net Promoter® Score) is a simple yet powerful metric to measure customer loyalty. It helps companies understand how the brand is perceived over time, compared to competitors, other brands in the vertical and even to companies outside the vertical which could become competitors in the future.

Derived from a single question, scored on an 11-point scale: How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?  The NPS score is simple and compelling enough to capture the attention of all business stakeholders. Yet even more powerful insights can be gained by drilling down into the data. Who is a strong promoter, who a detractor? How are scores moving in response to developments at your company, in your sector, and in the wider market?

With SSI, this data is easily accessible, allowing you to develop insights and make changes at the speed of your business. SSI delivers detailed coding from rich open end question responses to give context and depth to the reasons behind the score.

Putting NPS to work for your business

While its simplicity is its strength, there are pitfalls and mistakes to avoid when using NPS scores, so working with an experienced partner like SSI is essential.

With SSI you will easily and quickly:

  • Access the right consumer and B2B targets from SSI’s global panels
  • Understand scores from your own customers– and your competitors’
  • React to emerging markets, new products and market changes with reliable data fast
  • Deliver instant feedback to those in your company with the power to make changes
  • Integrate NPS scores for competitor customers into your existing CSAT program
  • Share your scores with confidence knowing weighting schemes are designed by methodology experts
  • Benefit from a custom dashboard to instantly view results in real time
  • Set up a tracking program to automatically deliver results at a frequency to suit your business
  • Be confident that your scores remain reliable as your customers transition from giving their opinions on PCs to mobile devices

Evaluate your brand with SSI. 


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