Survey Programming & Hosting

  • Over 170 Survey Programmers Worldwide
  • Fast, Accurate and Reliable
  • Experienced in Innovative Survey Design Techniques – across All Modes including Mobile

If your survey isn't optimized for respondent engagement, you could be missing out on quality data. SSI is a leading programming and hosting provider in the market research industry, with over 170 survey programmers on our team. Our programming and hosting teams operate around the world to provide dedicated support, ensuring fast, accurate and reliable responses to your business questions. SSI’s programming development team is experienced in all the latest survey design techniques – across all modes including mobile – to better engage respondents in your research and field your research quickly.

  • Access to 170+ local language programmers and developers worldwide
  • Survey testing technology identifies survey quality issues prior to fielding
  • Developers test for mobile compatibility, proper display on any device

SSI coders understand not only the objectives of your research, but the culture and context in which the research is taking place. This programming experience nets better quality data from our panel respondents and makes global market research studies that much easier to complete.

For every survey, whether programmed by SSI or our clients, we run extensive survey testing and data checking as part of SSI quality control processes. Our proprietary, automated diagnostic tool – SSI QuestTest – further checks for issues like mobile-friendly design and compatibility across multiple technology platforms and displays to ensure respondent engagement and satisfaction with your survey research.