Survey Quality

  • Survey Score Tool Detects Errors
  • QUEST Score on Participant Experience
  • Guidance for Improving Surveys and Optimizing for Mobile

We know measuring survey quality can only help us to better serve our clients. At SSI, we use technology to evaluate survey quality from two angles – how can we improve survey quality prior to fielding and what lessons can be learned once a survey has been completed.

Survey Score is SSI’s predictive survey testing technology developed to identify issues with survey quality before it ever gets into the field. Survey Score automatically detects errors, identifies programming issues, and scores each survey based on a number of key parameters:

  • Tests are run using multiple devices, platforms and screen sizes
  • Determines multiple routing options through a survey
  • Checks redirect links are working properly within the survey
  • Detects flash and off-screen elements that are not mobile-friendly
  • Provides an accurate estimate of survey length

Another way we work to enhance survey quality is to systematically evaluate the participant experience. SSI’s QUEST score is a retrospective tool that assesses panelist experience after taking any of our surveys. The QUEST score incorporates measured performance and respondent feedback that we then share with clients upon project completion. We also use the QUEST score to point to the most respondent friendly surveys and name the annual winners of the SSI QUEST Awards.