Tracking Studies

  • Brands
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Multi-Country

The SSI team successfully fields over 2,000+ tracking studies annually, including several massive, multi-country projects with tens of thousands of interviews. We conduct ongoing trackers for SSI clients that want to better understand their brand, the effectiveness of their advertising and marketing communications campaigns, new product features and options and more. SSI can consult on survey and questionnaire design, sample size and representivity, and help with data analytics when the trackers are complete.

  • Conduct cross-section, longitudinal studies and more
  • Conduct marketing research via mobile and online or other mode
  • Access the largest online source of quality research participants
  • Measure and report data changes over time at set intervals
  • Ensure completes in the timeframe specified with no sample biases between waves
  • Conduct parallel testing and calibration studies to get your tracking studies off the ground