Dynamic Geolocation-Enabled Mobile Diary

02/23/2016 Saran Ganesh and Ken Roe

Presented at The Quirk's Event, this PowerPoint demonstrates how the geolocation-enabled mobile diary will transform the next wave of mobile data collection. Mobile diaries are increasingly important components of insight generation, as they can offer improved insights across many forms of data. The benefit of adding geolocation capability to the mobile diary is to transform your understanding of where the respondent is at the time of consumption, purchase decision, customer experience and product usage.

Key takeaways:

  • How the mobile diary is transforming survey research from questions answered based on recall to a 360 degree view into consumers’ lives.
  • How new mobile diary solutions can help you better understand customer loyalty, identify buying patterns, capture in the moment experiences and much more.
  • How to deliver deeper, smarter insights.

Watch a brief demo of the QuickThoughts mobile diary.

Download the Presentation