Leverage the Power of Mobile to Understand the Customer Journey

02/23/2017 Jackie Lorch, Vice President Global Knowledge Management & Ian Riner, Customer Success Manager

There are some projects that you can only do on mobile. Gone are the days of mobile serving as a premium offering or exclusive aspect of your study. We sometimes forget that product research is rooted in the features that mobile provides - "selfie videos," GPS, barcode scanning and more - in a modern context. It's time to recognize that mobile studies are critical to truly understanding the customer journey. Demonstrate to your boss, your team and your customers how they can leverage the power of mobile today.

You will learn how to:

  • Redefine the narrative by clarifying that mobile can deliver powerful consumer insights
  • dentify mobile opportunities when and where a fit exists
  • Speak confidently about the best applications for mobile features
  • Demonstrate that mobile can work for product research through the lens of audience accessibility and high completion rates

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