Using Mobile to Capture In-the-Moment Insights

03/31/2015 Saran Ganesh, Director, Mobile Product Marketing

Mobile provides greater flexibility and produces richer insights by enabling the collection of in-the-moment data.
Mobile devices are also driving a dramatic increase in capturing different forms of content – photos, videos and social media.
Mobile is transforming research from questions answered based on recall to a 360° view into consumers’ lives with greater context, and in much closer proximity to the moment of truth.

During this webcast you will get answers to these questions:

  • How are consumers behaving on mobile and what opportunities do these behaviors present to us?
  • What impact is mobile having in the retail channel and how can I influence the purchase in the store/ where can I influence the path to purchase?
  • How we can use mobile to find real time customer satisfaction feedback?
  • How can marketers use mobile research to grow their business?

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