Market Research Data Quality

  • Innovative Use of Technology
  • Vigilant Monitoring by the SSI Panel and Knowledge Teams
  • Full Array of Validation and Fraud Protection Techniques

SSI is leading the market research industry in quality control and fraud prevention initiatives, because the impact of poor quality data can be felt all the way down the line. Through our innovative use of technology and vigilant monitoring by the SSI Panel Access, Supply, Engagement and Knowledge Teams, we are working to eliminate fraudulent survey takers and “bad” data from our sample. SSI quality control measures include:

data quality

  • Opt-in panel recruitment via proprietary, certified and qualified sources
  • Digital fingerprinting that flags duplicate respondents, email and panel accounts
  • 2-factor authentication confirms location prior to reward redemption
  • Pattern recognition software identifies fraudulent respondents
  • SSI TrustScore monitors and excludes suspicious respondents
  • Continuous monitoring of speeding, straightlining and inattention
  • Ongoing investments in perfecting questionnaire design

SSI partners with Imperium to incorporate their cutting-edge technologies into our stringent data quality processes. We employ components of Imperium’s suite of data quality offerings, including Relevant ID® and Verity™.