SSI Dynamix™

  • Delivers Precise Research Targets
  • Engages Research Participants
  • Produces High-Quality SSI Blend

ssi blendsurvey panelistsSSI begins every study by gaining a precise understanding of the desired target population. Then the sample is selected from the SSI Blend, a consistently managed, diverse and very large frame of potential participants. SSI Dynamix manages the selection, contact and matching of the participant with a survey they are more likely to qualify for and monitors performance in field to ensure completed interviews for each required quota are delivered on time with consistent quality. The advantages of the SSI Dynamix™ are:

  • Parallel routing identifies and matches the right person with a survey they can take – even scarce populations
  • Uses methodologically sound questions to understand more about SSI panelists
  •  3-step randomization matches respondents to appropriate surveys incorporating principles of sampling science
  • Minimizes the risk of self-selection bias
  • Improves respondent experience by reducing qualification time and so delivering fresher, more attentive participants to your survey
  • Combines people from multiple sources into a single, consistent, monitored and controlled SSI Sample Blend