SSI Campaign Optimizer

According to eMarketer, digital advertising has surpassed television commercials in overall spend in 2016*. As brand marketers increase their digital advertising budgets, they face new challenges. 54% of all digital advertising is never seen **. Many factors such as load time, placement, length of view and impression all play a key role. SSI Campaign Optimizer offers digital advertising effectiveness for the entire digital ad experience - from viewability to impression to connecting marketers to their consumers.

SSI uses the latest Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) certified technology, which enables precise data collection to enable campaign interaction with SSI’s audience across the primary modes; online web, mobile web, in-app and video. Survey responses and location data collected from SSI’s audience drive insights such as:

  • Brand impact
  • Ad feedback
  • Visitation lift
  • Brick & mortar purchase lift
  • Online purchase lift info


SSI provides an unprecedented level of insight into digital ad campaigns through the combination of our diverse audience – made up of millions of engaged consumers ready to provide quality feedback – and powerful ad technology. It results in the ability and flexibility to capture data on any digital campaign.



Leveraging SSI Campaign Optimizer for digital campaigns allow marketers to pivot using the real-time dashboards and by connecting with actual consumers. Marketers are able to collect direct data and actual metrics for their digital ad performances. Ultimately, allowing marketers to shift their budgets on the fly and optimize their campaigns.

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