SSI Sample API

SSI’s Sample API offers your company complete control and access to SSI’s sample audiences via your company’s existing project management system. It gives you the flexibility to customize your target audience and project specifications without ever having to pick up the phone or send an email. This allows you to be more efficient when accessing research sample, by reducing costs and expediting time to launch. After integrating, users can expect:

  • 24/7 access to SSI’s high-quality, global audiences
  • The ability to control, monitor, and edit projects
  • Instant price and feasibility quotes
  • Multiple quota groups for multiple surveys
  • Real-time feedback on project lifecycles
  • The option to create a custom dashboard

Utilize SSI’s Sample API to turn sample traffic on and off for specific research projects within your own application and/or administrative portal. You can be confident you are gaining full access to SSI’s quality panel audiences that has made us the market leader for decades. With more than 17+ million qualified market research participants in over 90+ countries, your system will be connected with one of the largest consumer panels in the industry.

Let SSI help you automate the delivery of sample to increase efficiency, minimize lead time and scale operations. Contact us today!